Real People

The residents of Hotel Annelie play themselves. Or each other. Or they play someone who doesn’t really exist, but easily might.

Güni is Günther Reupert-Hasselmeier
Franz is Franz Rudolf
Gabi is Gabi Tichy
Yogi is Christian Thomae
Mimi is Christine Herbst
Laura is Laura Schmelmer
Kim is Kim Harbusch
Sirene is Toxi Gerstendorf
Snake is Robert Sackl
Conte is Alois Bernhard Landgraf
Blacky is Bruno E. Sagbar
Kim’s uncle is Kurt Mollenhauer
Helmut The Knight is Helmut Krug
Felix is Thorsten Glass
Steffen is Steffen Besser
Norbert is Norbert Gerhard
Angie is Angelika Schneider
Sandra is Sandra Koch
KISS is First Kiss

Real actors

Georg Friedrich (MAX) trained as an actor at the Kraus Drama School in Vienna, he has been appearing in numerous film and television productions since 1983 and has worked with many famous directors, such as Ulrich Seidel and Michael Haneke. Recently he has appeared on the stage at the Berlin Volksbühne. At the 2004 Berlinale, Georg Friedrich was awarded the “Shooting Star.”

Renate Muhri (KIM’S MOTHER) began her acting career in 1977 in Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s “Bollwieser”. Since then she has been a fixture in German television, starring in numerous TV-Productions such as “Weissblaue Geschichten”, “Forsthaus Falkenau”, “Dr. Schwarz und Dr. Martin”, “Der Fahnder” and many more.

Irène Fritschi (HEDI) is a full -blooded Swiss theatere actress, debuting at Bern’s Atelier Theater and “Die Rampe”. She is at home on stages big and small, loves experimental theatre as well as classical and modern plays just as she enjoys starring in comedies or children’s fairytales.